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Out-of-province developers driving real estate transactions in AB

It takes a special kind of nerve to venture into an area from which many others have departed. That seems to be what is happening in Calgary of late, as B.C. builders and developers are betting on a full-scale recovery in the province's largest city. As a result, numerous major real estate transactions have taken place recently, leading to a spate of new development.

Real estate transactions can lead to greater responsibilities

A famous movie quote compares life to a box of chocolates and the uncertain contents that lie within. The same can be said of a building, whether a single home, or a entire apartment complex. Some real estate transactions end up leading to increased responsibilities, and possible maintenance issues. Consider the recent acquisition made by a prominent Alberta landowner.

Review restrictions before making real estate transactions

When making any major decision, it is important to conduct research before coming to a conclusion. Making the effort ahead of time may save a lot of trouble down the road. That's the realization an Alberta man has no doubt come to about real estate transactions after his recreation plans became snarled in red tape.

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