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Investment company heats up real estate transactions

One the nation's leading property investment companies continues to heat up the market with its high-end acquisitions. Fiera Properties Ltd. has been involved in a number of real estate transactions in Alberta and across the country recently and it has no plans on stopping to build its portfolio. The company set a record last year for acquiring property.

Land transfer tax won't help real estate transactions in Alberta

A well-known economist believes that imposing a land transfer tax isn't the way to generate revenue. The Alberta financial expert says Alberta would be better off instating a provincial sales tax or increasing property taxes. A land transfer tax, he says, might hurt the already shaky economy even further by curtailing real estate transactions in the province. 

Real estate transactions: Rentals move into top spot

The real estate market is in transition. In Alberta where the oil industry has been sluggish, unemployment rates are escalating and the federal mortgage stress test has been a nemesis to many would-be homebuyers, real estate transactions have also been fewer. Alberta residents -- especially those in urban centres like Calgary -- are choosing to rent, rather than to buy, at least for the time being.

Real estate transactions: Alberta woman to give mansion away

Apparently, many Canadians would love to live in a mansion. A woman from Millarville decided to run a lottery with the winner getting her luxury Alberta home worth $1.7 million. She is asking those who would like to take over the digs to write a letter as to why, along with a $25 entry fee. In terms of potential real estate transactions, that's pretty cheap.

2018 Central Alberta real estate transactions mirror 2017

It's the same old, same old where real estate in the central part of Wild Rose Country is concerned. Apparently, real estate transactions in central Alberta last year pretty much mirrored those in 2017, according to the latest statistics from the Central Alberta Realtors Association (CARA).  The relatively flat market trend is expected to continue.

How disclosure pertains to real estate transactions in Canada

Is it incumbent upon a real estate agent in Canada to divulge information about a property that could make the difference between a sale and a property sitting on the market for a while? That actually depends upon what that information entails. Disclosure rules around real estate transactions in Canada are definitive.

Real estate transactions: Investment sales up in parts of Alberta

Alberta's two major cities saw increases in investment sales in the third quarter of this year. Some investment real estate transactions in both Calgary and Edmonton have been pretty large scale in 2018 with corporate investors making some pretty impressive purchases. In fact, a recent real estate report indicates that investments in the province exceeded $1 billion for two back-to-back quarters.

Real estate transactions affected by Alberta oil production

A softening economy in Alberta is affecting various sectors, including the housing market. Real estate transactions in Alberta have slowed since oil prices have dropped. A report recently released by one of the country's main banking institutions said the housing market remains weak in the wake of oil production cuts in the province. In fact, the bank stated that oil output will be about 1 per cent less in 2019.

Canada real estate transactions: Rates rise, growth stalls

The cost of borrowing is rising in the country. No doubt real estate transactions in Alberta will be affected by the hike in interest rates. The Bank of Canada rate is hovering just below 4 per cent -- that's up almost 16 per cent from the same time last year and 32 per cent from two years ago. That change may affect a person's decision about whether to buy at this time.

Real estate transactions: Alberta market is pot on

The real estate market has been buzzing with activity ever since the legalization of cannabis on Oct. 17. Investors and business people are snapping up property in western Canada, particularly in Alberta, which has seen an uptick in real estate transactions in the last few months. Developers have been looking for both office spaces and industrial lands for marijuana production facilities and dispensaries.

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