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Is this the time to make a commercial real estate move?

Buying and selling property is a little bit like playing the stock market: there are no guarantees for success, only educated guesses and hopes for making the right move at the right time. Unlike in some parts of the country, the real estate situation in Alberta is not booming, and has been a bit hard to read of late. One industry insider is suggesting that now may be exactly the right time to take the plunge in the commercial real estate market.

Investing in commercial real estate means risk and maybe reward

The thing about money is that most people, no matter how much they have, don't think they have enough. That means they're looking for ways to make more. For many people in Alberta, the answer has been investing in property. Although flipping homes is a common method, commercial real estate can also sometimes provide a good return.

Interest in commercial real estate coming from south of the 49th

It is well documented that the Alberta economy has been suffering in recent years. One need look no further than the vast amounts of commercial real estate and office space available in Calgary for proof. Surprisingly, new tenants may be on their way from the United States.

Historic commercial real estate property purchased by developer

When a building is so neglected it can scarcely be used, but cannot be torn down due to heritage designation, it can become a major problem. Such is the plight of many heritage buildings across the country. It seems, however, that one such property is about to be saved, as an historic piece of Alberta commercial real estate has been tentatively taken over by an Edmonton developer.

Commercial real estate abounds in downtown Calgary

It is said that every dark cloud has a silver lining. Right now, the dark cloud looming over Alberta is a sagging economy due to the slumping energy sector. For the commercial real estate market, however, the lining is made of diamonds, as two major diamond miners have chosen to relocate to the city.

More than 1 individual may buy a piece of real estate

Often in the course of buying real estate, more than one individual may wish to purchase a property together. This certainly possible, but requires an understanding of how to legally share the title of the property. In Canada, there are two ways that this can be accomplished. More than one individual can purchase real estate, either through joint tenancy or as tenants-in-common.

Important things to consider in a commercial lease

If you're considering signing commercial lease, it behooves you to scrutinize the lease agreement heavily to ensure that you are getting the best deal possible, as well as to identify any areas that may cause conflict later on in the agreement or end up costing you more out-of-pocket than you anticipate. Once a lease has been signed, it is very difficult to change any provisions that you may find problematic.

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