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Commercial real estate: APREIT acquires 2 auto dealerships

Automotive Properties Real Estate Investment Trust (APREIT) just sealed the deal on a multi-million dollar acquisition of two dealership properties. The commercial real estate deals included one in Sherwood Park, Alberta, and one in Laval, Quebec. The two auto dealerships set APREIT back about $55.5 million.  

Commercial real estate: Denied pot sellers stuck with leases?

Prospective cannabis retailers may have jumped the gun a bit early. Those in Canada who are hoping to be accepted to sell legal marijuana but who won't be given the green light may be stuck with commercial real estate contracts that they may have a tough time getting out of. These individuals may have already signed leases that are pretty much ironclad, according to a Calgary-based real estate advisory company.

Legal cannabis to heat up Alberta commercial real estate sector

Officials in Calgary have already approved two shops in two different malls that will be selling legal cannabis -- that is two out of 83 applications for these areas alone. Alberta's commercial real estate sector stands to profit from the October legalization of recreational marijuana with retail stores all set to open shop in a variety of commercial locations, from malls to store front locations. Alberta's total cannabis store applications are approaching the 700 mark.

Cannabis Culture Lighting Up Commercial Real Estate In Alberta

With the legalization of marijuana across Canada just around the corner, entrepreneurs and business owners are moving quickly to secure their spot in the market. From dispensaries to accessory shops, cannabis culture is positioned to create waves across the Canadian retail and commercial real estate landscapes.

Commercial real estate sector in Alberta may heat up from pot

Looks like the legalization of marijuana may heat up Wild Rose Country's business sector. Alberta has received 87 applications so far from people wanting to open pot stores, which will be smoking hot for the commercial real estate sector. The Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission (AGLC) is expecting more.

Calgary on list of likely commercial real estate hotspots in 2018

A recent report lists Calgary as one of five Canadian cities that will heat up commercially in 2018. The Alberta city made the list alongside Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa. The report indicates there is a sizable amount of capital to be invested in commercial real estate in these cities over this year and beyond, adding that  the commercial sector will be both competitive and busy. 

Commercial real estate in Canada has entered the tech age

Drones are bringing deals into the 21st century in a big way. These days, investors interested in commercial real estate in Canada are able to get a bird's eye view of the properties in which they're interested thanks to flying contraptions called drones. In terms of real estate, it's marketing genius.

Commercial real estate looking up in Alberta capital

In a recent report, a real estate researcher has indicated that a small increase in office vacancies in Edmonton's downtown core may be promising news for the potential expansion of existing companies. That's good news for commercial real estate in the Alberta capital seeing that the Conference Board of Canada (CBC) is earmarking Edmonton for 17,600 jobs in the business sector come 2021. According to the CBC, that will cut the vacancy rate to about five per cent.

Commercial real estate and Calgary's mayor at odds?

Cow Town's mayor Naheed Nenshi is not in the good books of small business owners lately. The mayor of Alberta's largest city has been at the helm of a hefty hike in property taxes for some small businesses, making the foray into commercial real estate difficult. Taxes have increased at other government levels as well, so many owners of small businesses are feeling the pressure, while the mayor is in the hot seat.

Commercial real estate biting back in Alberta's capital

Building values in Edmonton are on the rise and that is readily apparent in the retail sector. Transactions in Alberta's capital were up 39 percent in the first half of 2017, showing a growing optimism regarding commercial real estate in the city. Data from a local real estate investment company shows sales are on the upswing. The retail sector is leading the way with $1.2 billion over all areas and up from more than $189 billion last year.

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