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May 2019 Archives

Alberta real estate transactions: Taking advantage of the PRE

When an individual sells a property, there are some tax breaks of which he or she can take advantage. When it comes to real estate transactions in Alberta, residents can claim a principal residence exemption (PRE) on the sale of their properties. But there are some things they should know before doing so such as being aware of any changes to the Canada Revenue Agency's requirements. 

Residential real estate: Alberta on an economic upswing

Albertans are feeling positive about the future. There are many things that fuel increases in residential real estate sales and one of them is a positive economic outlook. For many in Alberta, particularly in Cow Town, growth in many sectors is reason for celebration. Analysts say the next five years are looking bright for infrastructure in general and for the real estate industry, in particular. 

Real estate transactions: Legal cannabis affecting market

It's been more than half a year since the country legalized cannabis. Making cannabis legal has had a positive effect on real estate transactions in Canada -- both agriculturally and commercially. It has also had an effect on real estate prices in general, according to a recent study. Smaller communities are benefiting from the increased demand for agricultural lands.

Real estate transactions: Edmonton rallies despite ongoing slump

The real estate sales slump continues in Wild Rose Country -- particularly in the capital area. Real estate transactions across Alberta, as in most of the rest of the country, have been slower than usual. However, the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) has hope that people's disposable incomes will help the market slump and lessen the gap between the now buyer's market and seller's market.

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