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April 2019 Archives

Real estate transactions: SOP offers becoming rare in flat market

It seems conditional on sale of property (SOP) offers are becoming passé. More homeowners in Canada are waiting to sell their listed properties before making an offer on another. Much of this can be pinned on a slow-moving market across the country in which fewer real estate transactions are taking place. Sales across larger urban centres in Canada have continued to plummet -- down nearly 2% from last year.

Real estate transactions: How they fit into a financial plan

For those looking to make solid investments, real estate may be a great option. If Alberta residents make wise real estate transactions, it could bode well for them regarding their long-term financial goals. Building wealth is important for the future, especially when families include children. Many solid financial plans include the procurement of real estate.

Real estate transactions: Commercial, industrial deals heat up

Commercial real estate investments are burning up the market in Cow Town. As far as real estate transactions go in Alberta, Calgary's commercial sector has been leading the pack, according to many analysts. The city has had the highest number of completed commercial deals in six years. The industrial sector is also outperforming past years. 

Real estate transactions: Prices continue downward correction

It looks as though house prices in Canada could drop even further according to the International Money Fund (IMF). Real estate transactions in Canada -- especially in larger, urban centres -- have been thwarted by a number of things such as a volatile economy and the country's mortgage stress test -- making it more difficult for players to get into the game. Calgary is among those major cities poised for an even further correction in market pricing. 

Residential real estate may heat up according to commercial sales

The positive way the commercial real estate sector has been performing in Cow Town may mean single family homes aren't far behind. Residential real estate sales in Alberta have been cool at best lately, but commercial sales in Calgary have been steadily on the rise, which make some analysts believe residential sales might start to do the same. These deals, analysts add, show faith in the economy, so it may be likely homeowners will take heart. 

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