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Investment company heats up real estate transactions

One the nation's leading property investment companies continues to heat up the market with its high-end acquisitions. Fiera Properties Ltd. has been involved in a number of real estate transactions in Alberta and across the country recently and it has no plans on stopping to build its portfolio. The company set a record last year for acquiring property.

The company goes after properties valued at between $20 million and $200 million. Fiera also purchased an 80 per cent share of the United Kingdom-based Palmer Capital late last year, giving the company additional assets of more than $1 billion. The overseas deal is the company's first outside of Canada. Last year Fiera's transactions amounted to $600 million, adding six portfolios to its roster and translating into 33 properties at about 3.5 million square feet. 

Higher ups in the company expect 2019 to be a mirror of last year with acquisitions in the $600 million range. It is also looking to expand stateside. At the end of the fiscal year in 2018, Fiera Properties was managing more than $3 billion of assets for major clients ,including foundations, investors and endowment funds.

All real estate transactions, no matter what their worth, could use the keen eye of an Alberta lawyer experienced in real estate law. There is the potential of things going bad quickly if a contract or deal does not adhere to the letter of the law. Millions, and sometimes billions, of dollars could be at stake in some of these transactions, so obtaining a lawyer's advice could be crucial and could make the difference between a wise investment and one in which a client should walk away.

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