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March 2019 Archives

Real estate transactions: PHI Hotel Group expands holdings

PHI Hotel Group has recently expanded its portfolio. The company has increased its holdings by snatching up properties in Alberta since it says it believes in what the province has to offer. PHI's latest real estate transactions in the Wild Rose province include the opening of new hotels in Edmonton West, bringing its total to 12 in the province overall with plans to expand its footprint further.

Real estate transactions: Home prices continue to drop in Canada

Property prices are continuing to decline. In fact, they're dropping so much in Canada that February's real estate transactions set a record for the heftiest decline in years in a non-recessionary time. The price index used by the National Bank of Canada indicated that prices fell by 0.4 per cent in February over the same time in 2018.

Investment company heats up real estate transactions

One the nation's leading property investment companies continues to heat up the market with its high-end acquisitions. Fiera Properties Ltd. has been involved in a number of real estate transactions in Alberta and across the country recently and it has no plans on stopping to build its portfolio. The company set a record last year for acquiring property.

Land transfer tax won't help real estate transactions in Alberta

A well-known economist believes that imposing a land transfer tax isn't the way to generate revenue. The Alberta financial expert says Alberta would be better off instating a provincial sales tax or increasing property taxes. A land transfer tax, he says, might hurt the already shaky economy even further by curtailing real estate transactions in the province. 

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