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T-Rex entices in Alberta residential real estate listing

It is amazing what can pique the interest of a potential purchaser of a home. Take for instance a residential real estate listing in St. Albert that wasn't getting a lot of action -- that is until a dinosaur parked itself outside the Alberta residence. The home was listed for months and hadn't really received much attention, until the realtor came up with a genius marketing scheme of dressing in a Tyrannosaurus Rex costume and posing next to the for sale sign and making himself at home in various areas of the residence.

Apparently, the idea has been working. Interest in the home has tripled over the last few weeks for the four-bedroom home, according to the listing salesperson. The photos are pretty creative. One involves the T-Rex baring its teeth while over the stove in the kitchen and another shows him lounging in a hammock in the yard. Although photos of the 65-million-year-old inhabitant have generated some activity, the home yet remains unsold.

That is no surprise with the real estate market in the Edmonton area being so saturated. St. Albert is about 14 kilometres northwest of Edmonton. Many who work in Alberta's capital make their homes in this bedroom community.

Although residential real estate sales aren't as brisk currently as they have been, many Alberta residents are still in the market for a home. A real estate lawyer can help with the legal aspects of a purchase or sale by ensuring all contractual agreements are in keeping with the law. He or she can help with many aspects of a transaction such as title searches, appraisals and of course, closing the deal.

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