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Residential real estate: Edmonton lots subdivided into pork chops

Edmonton may soon turn into the land of pork chops. Residents living in the Alberta capital have received the green light to subdivide their land into lots that resemble pork chops. Indeed, pork chop lots -- also known as battle axe, hammerhead or flag lots -- take one larger lot and turn it into two smaller ones. This is a residential real estate experiment by the city of Edmonton to get new builds started in inner city neighbourhoods that are sparsely populated.

What's different about pork chop lots is that property is divided in half, rather than in the middle, so you can have a house built in back of another. This pilot project differs in that it will actually allow current property owners to subdivide and sell the back portion of their lots. The only other municipality in Canada that allows such subdivisions is Vancouver.

There has been much interest in the project and Edmonton property owners have lined up to be a part of the pilot. Only a few have been chosen. There are issues to sort out such as what are these smaller lots likely to be worth? Supporters of these lots say they would have many uses, one of which would be allowing a senior homeowner to remain in his or her family home affordably after selling off the back portion of the lot.

Things are never boring when it comes to happenings in residential real estate. Those changes have to adhere to the letter of law, so issues that are vague or gray may be worth the advice of an experienced real estate lawyer in Alberta. He or she knows what needs to be done in terms of any contractual agreements and will always have a client's best interests at heart. 

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