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Walkable housing gaining speed in real estate transactions

Many people are beginning to become more energy conscious and it's actually showing up in where they're choosing to live. Walkable real estate transactions in Alberta are on the rise. It seems some homeowners don't want to take their vehicles to work and choose to walk to their jobs. Another thing prospective homeowners are looking for is closeness to various shops and venues -- for the very same reason. They don't want to drive.

Most larger cities in Canada now have so-called walkable websites devoted to telling visitors how long it will take them to walk to various places. These sites often include real estate listings and rental properties. The latest StatsCan data shows that most people in Calgary and Edmonton use their vehicles to get to work, but the population in these urban centres continues to grow and soon the highways will become even more busy.

Many Alberta real estate agents view the walkability factor as a selling point moving forward. Homeowners are not only looking at price these days, but also becoming part of a community within a community that has a life of its own complete with its own shops, entertainment venues and lifestyle. And they want to be able to walk to these places. Some developers are heeding the call and planning accordingly.

New issues and data is always coming to light when it comes to real estate transactions. An Alberta lawyer may be able to guide his or her client when he or she is facing a choice when it comes to a place of residence. A lawyer is mindful of his or her client's best interests when it comes to real estate contracts.

Source:, "Walkable housing slowly making inroads in Calgary and Edmonton", Tim Querengesser, April 5, 2018

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