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Real estate transactions: Chinese investors may have cold feet

A recent survey regarding the housing market shows that investors from China may be cooling off on the housing market. The survey indicates that real estate transactions in Canada made by Chinese citizens are starting to slow down and it could be because of new regulations regarding foreign investment. Apparently, it's not because these investors want to stop making acquisitions, but because deals are hard to come by.

In fact, the University of Alberta China Institute has corroborated those findings with recent research showing the that Chinese business people are investing less in real estate and in business in general in Canada. And the decline is sizable. Last year, they invested $1.47 billion -- down from $3.05 billion in 2016. 

The dip may be due to how regulations affect large-scale investments. Canada has put the brakes on any state-owned businesses from acquiring foreign real estate worth more than $1 billion. They are not so lenient with smaller scale investments -- good news for the Chinese since Canada is one of the top three countries in which the Chinese like to invest. Calgary made the list of one of the cities on which Chinese investors are keen.

The world of real estate transactions in Canada can be complex and confusing. Investors and citizens alike may wish to consult an experienced real estate lawyer prior to and during any deal-making endeavours. A lawyer will always look after the interests of his or her clients. He or she may be able to stop troubling areas prior to any deals being inked.

Source:, "Are Chinese investors moving away from the Canadian housing market? This survey says yes", Sarah Niedoba, March 13, 2018

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