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January 2018 Archives

Alberta real estate transactions: Construction investment rising

Investors are starting to feel good again about putting their money into housing construction in Wild Rose Country. Year-over-year spending in the house construction sector of real estate transactions in Alberta rose for the first time last year since 2015. Even though the numbers are rising, they're not quite where they should be -- slightly better than 2015's recessionary levels -- according to a market analyst. Still, the market is rallying and that is good news for investors.

Residential real estate: Hard times expected for condo market

Edmonton's condo market is expected to come up against some difficult times, according to a real estate expert. In terms of residential real estate in Alberta, the condo sector has always been a pretty strong contender, but is apparently on life support in the Edmonton area according to the expert who recently spoke to a panel of developers. In fact, the man said that an investor market is basically nonexistent in the area, and condos are mainly purchased by first time purchasers or those who are downsizing.

Commercial real estate in Canada has entered the tech age

Drones are bringing deals into the 21st century in a big way. These days, investors interested in commercial real estate in Canada are able to get a bird's eye view of the properties in which they're interested thanks to flying contraptions called drones. In terms of real estate, it's marketing genius.

Residential real estate sales may suffer from looming stress test

Potential property purchasers may not be able to afford as much house as they initially thought thanks to a looming mortgage stress test. The demand for residential real estate is expected to drop in Alberta, particularly in the Calgary area. This thanks to the federal government's new mortgage rules that raises the bar in terms of the amount of loan for which purchasers will be able to qualify.

Real estate transactions: What to look for in investment property

Investing in property can be a very wise move financially. But when getting involved in these kinds of real estate transactions in Canada, a potential investor would do well to do some research before diving in head first. For a first time foray into the world of real estate investing, going small at first might be prudent.

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