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December 2017 Archives

Residential real estate: More bang for the buck in Alberta

Homebuyers in the west can weigh their options between Alberta and British Columbia, but chances are there's no contest when it comes to what money can buy in Edmonton versus Vancouver. For those who are qualified for a couple million when it comes to a residential real estate purchase, Alberta will definitely get them more house for their dollars. Shelling out $3 million for a property in Vancouver will maybe get a purchaser an old fixer upper, while for the same price, a purchaser can buy a bungalow in the foothills in Alberta with a stunning mountain vista view.

Alberta residential real estate: Edmonton prices fall flat

A recent survey by a leading Canadian real estate company shows that the real estate market is changing around the country. In Alberta, particularly Edmonton, residential real estate prices are flat. The market trend is being blamed on the lack of economic security in Wild Rose Country.

A free way of finding a sale price for residential real estate

Finding data regarding real estate sale prices in Alberta isn't a piece of cake, but with a little persistence, it is doable. Alberta is unlike Toronto where a recent Supreme Court ruling gave Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB) members the green light to publicly post sale prices of residential real estate. In fact, there are websites now where bulk information about home sales can be found in the Toronto area.

Land titles website causing issues with real estate transactions

Many land title searches are done of on the internet these days. So, when real estate transactions in Alberta were shaken up by problems with the province's land titles site that results in it being off line for days, it made for some very disgruntled purchasers. Many of those people have lost hundreds of dollars because of the glitch on the site that is used to finalize real estate deals.

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