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Spooky residential real estate area in Alberta

One of the creepiest residential areas in the world happens to be in an abandoned Alberta neighbourhood. This residential real estate area known as Beachwood Estates looks like something out of a Stephen King-inspired movie. The homes in this High River neighbourhood simply look like their owners are on vacation.

These once beautiful million-dollar residences were photographed by a well-known photographer who dubbed the area the creepiest place in the world because it looked like the people simply vanished. In June 2013, High River experienced massive flooding that forced all the residents out of the community with little time to get any of their things. The difference here is that the homes look pretty much untouched with very little vandalism having taken place. The photographer compared the neighbourhood to one that could be featured on the popular television show, The Walking Dead.

The Alberta government auctioned off many of the homes online with bids beginning at just a few thousand dollars. Successful buyers had to agree to move the homes off their properties within 160 business days of purchase. After the homes are removed, the area will be left to return to its natural state as per the province's Floodway Relocation Program. Critics said the homes, which were erected on a floodplain, should never have been built in the first place.

Alberta has varied and interesting residential real estate areas. Whether residents find themselves on the buying or the selling end of a deal, the guidance of an Alberta lawyer experienced in real estate law may prove invaluable. A lawyer will have the best interests of his or her client at heart during any real estate transaction.

Source:, "Abandoned High River Homes Make Up 'Creepiest Neighbourhood In The World'", Michelle Butterfield, Accessed on Sept. 29, 2017

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