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October 2017 Archives

Edmonton is tops for residential real estate sales in Alberta

Alberta's capital city seems to be the best place in the province to invest in a home. The residential real estate market in Edmonton is both stable and affordable when compared to other markets in the country. According to a report by the Real Estate Investment Network, Edmonton is set to outshine other markets in Alberta, including Calgary's.

Alberta residential real estate sales: Checking a home's history

Those people who believe their homes are haunted and who are thinking of selling them are in luck. When it comes to residential real estate transactions in Alberta, homeowners aren't obligated to divulge the history of their homes. So, if a homeowner believes he or she is sharing a home with otherworldly guests, it isn't necessary to divulge that belief to potential buyers.

Real estate transactions: New rules may reduce buying power

New mortgage rules across the country may it harder for purchasers to snag their dream homes. In Alberta, as in the rest of Canada, new rules regarding mortgages are expected to reduce buying power by about 21 percent. Real estate transactions may take a hit because of the move.

Unclaimed property in the Alberta residential real estate sector

There are a number of unclaimed properties in Alberta. Some of those properties belong to the residential real estate sector. The province is proposing changes to the Unclaimed Personal Property and Vested Property Act to make it easier for Alberta residents to be reunited with their assets that have been lost or forgotten. 

Spooky residential real estate area in Alberta

One of the creepiest residential areas in the world happens to be in an abandoned Alberta neighbourhood. This residential real estate area known as Beachwood Estates looks like something out of a Stephen King-inspired movie. The homes in this High River neighbourhood simply look like their owners are on vacation.

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