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August 2017 Archives

Lakefront properties hot in Alberta residential real estate

Lakefront property is at a premium in Alberta. Since supply is limited, those property values have risen by more than 80 percent the last couple years, according to a real estate company report. Residential real estate on the lake just about 65 kilometers outside Edmonton has risen by about $36,000 in a matter of a year and more than that since 2015. Because of Alberta's limited lakefront property near major cities, the province's prices are the highest in Canada,

Big bang for the buck in Alberta residential real estate

Alberta seems to be where it's at for property these days. After rallying from an economic slump, the residential real estate sector -- and all real estate in general -- looks to be on the rise in White Rose Country. Low gas and oil prices in Alberta are also helping to heighten overall market.

Commercial real estate biting back in Alberta's capital

Building values in Edmonton are on the rise and that is readily apparent in the retail sector. Transactions in Alberta's capital were up 39 percent in the first half of 2017, showing a growing optimism regarding commercial real estate in the city. Data from a local real estate investment company shows sales are on the upswing. The retail sector is leading the way with $1.2 billion over all areas and up from more than $189 billion last year.

Commercial real estate: Lethbridge industry on the upswing

If the community of Lethbridge is any indication, business is starting to look much brighter. The Alberta community's industrial sector is starting to turn a profit once again. The commercial real estate market is beginning to look healthy.

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