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June 2017 Archives

Sears closures open possibilities for commercial real estate

As it struggles to remain solvent, Sears Canada has announced the closure of three stores in Alberta, leaving about 100 people jobless. This hardly a surprise for many in North America who have anticipated things would only get worse since its parent company in the United States has already closed hundreds of stores. However, for those monitoring local commercial real estate, the departure of the floundering department stores may not be such a bad thing.

Commercial real estate takes a new direction with town centres

Despite the waning popularity of malls and shopping centers, people in Alberta and beyond still love to shop. While online shopping may be surging, many folks continue to enjoy visiting brick and mortar stores to make their purchases. However, consumers seem to be ever looking for a more convenient shopping experience, and shopping malls and plazas may have outlived their usefulness, prompting developers to consider a new direction for commercial real estate.

Calgary real estate transactions on the rise, along with prices

It is said that what goes up must come down. Depending on the current mood of the economy in Alberta, the opposite can also be true when it comes to real estate transactions. The slowly moving Calgary real estate yo-yo seems to be creeping its way back up, according to new data from the Calgary Real Estate Board.

Surplus residential real estate creating a buyer's market

In the film 'Field of Dreams,' the main character hears someone speak the (oft-misquoted) words, "If you build it, he will come." That must be on what Edmonton residential real estate developers are banking. The latest statistics show an emerging surplus of new housing in Alberta's capital, turning the local market into a potentially appealing one for buyers.

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