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May 2017 Archives

Calgary seeking to fill commercial real estate vacancies

Many successful businesspeople have turned a profit by seeing opportunity where others see disaster. Commercial real estate vacancies are at historic highs in the downtown cores of the major Alberta cities, as the economic downturn still has the real estate market in its grasp. Rather than simply admit defeat, however, the Calgary city council is trying to make the city more attractive to business, both small and large.

A creative solution to the residential real estate shortage

Although the major housing markets in Alberta have not inflated to the levels seen in other big urban centres across Canada, affordable living space can be tough to find in this province. To combat this problem, many homeowners have turned to a creative type of infill housing to create affordable residential real estate. In many cases, they are also able to help a family member in need.

Will the next wave of real estate transactions come from abroad?

For as much as locals may love their province, property in Alberta's cities has never received the same attention from foreign buyers as Vancouver and Toronto. Indications are, however, that the trend may soon change. Some people in the know think Alberta may soon start to appear on the radar of many would-be purchasers from outside the country, and foreign-buyer real estate transactions could become more common.

A new concept in residential real estate rises in Alberta

For some homebuilders, maximizing profits sometimes means cutting corners during construction. One Alberta developer, however, has found a way to cut costs by using less expensive building material than traditional builders use. This remarkable new multi-family residential real estate project is far from being cheap and flimsy, however. In fact, it's about as solid as it can be.

Calgarians find residential real estate solution for aging mother

As people continue to live longer lives, many aging parents are looking to their children to help them remain independent. A full-size home can be a challenge for an older person to maintain, and care facilities can be expensive, or undesirable. While in-law suites have long been popular renovation projects in homes across Canada, some Alberta families are opting for a new twist on residential real estate.

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