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April 2017 Archives

New residential real estate may be a preferred option for some

The amount of buying and selling of properties in Canada recently has made the country seem as if it's embroiled in a never ending game of Monopoly. Even in Alberta, where the market hasn't kept pace with the hotspots in other regions, home buyers are making a splash. While resale homes are perennial favourites, some buyers may prefer newly built residential real estate. Fortunately, there looks to be no shortage of that, at least in Calgary.

Recovery showing in Fort Mac residential real estate this spring

Spring is a time for rebirth and renewal in Alberta. The snow and ice gradually begin to recede, and soon the leaves and flowers will return. The spring of 2017 is shaping up to be a time of new growth in the residential real estate sector, as well, according to one local group.

Zoning issues can hold up commercial real estate ventures

Sometimes the best-laid plans can end up a frustrating mess when government red tape gets in the way. Buying, selling and adapting commercial real estate is a complex matter than may involve multiple government departments before making any headway. An Alberta man is all too aware of the difficulties a small business owner can face as his protracted battle with the city of Edmonton drags on.

Tiny homes get a big boost through residential real estate zoning

Not every home is ideally suited to every homeowner's needs. For that reason, homes come in many shapes and sizes. Overall, the industry trend has generally been toward larger homes. In one Alberta neighbourhood, however, the exact opposite is set to occur following a zoning approval for a new kind of residential real estate.

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