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March 2017 Archives

Is this the time to make a commercial real estate move?

Buying and selling property is a little bit like playing the stock market: there are no guarantees for success, only educated guesses and hopes for making the right move at the right time. Unlike in some parts of the country, the real estate situation in Alberta is not booming, and has been a bit hard to read of late. One industry insider is suggesting that now may be exactly the right time to take the plunge in the commercial real estate market.

New measures coming to protect heritage residential real estate

Almost everyone loves a neighbourhood with "character." Heritage neighbourhoods are sought after areas for both buyers and developers alike. In Alberta's capital, new measures are being put in place in an effort to preserve the heritage homes and overall feel of some of the older residential real estate across the city.

More real estate transactions involve foreign buyers than ever

It has been well documented that foreign buyers, in particular buyers from mainland China, have been a major presence in the Canadian real estate market. While much of the attention has been focused on other locations, there are clear indicators that Alberta is gaining in popularity with this group. Statistics show a vastly increased number of inquiries into the Calgary market, and this may translate into more real estate transactions.

Some real estate transactions may include unwanted restrictions

When one purchases a property, it is typically the buildings or the land that is wanted. However, many real estate transactions also bring with them pre-existing restrictions on the property and its use. These inherited conditions may cause difficulty to new owners who wish to utilize their property in an otherwise prohibited or restricted manner. A scenario like this currently playing out in Alberta's western neighbour. 

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