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February 2017 Archives

Condominium real estate transactions may require extra scrutiny

Given the dearth of available single-family homes in Alberta, many people are setting their sights a little higher. Condominium buildings are a popular choice, especially for those looking to be closer to the city, or who do not wish to worry about maintaining a home. However, all real estate transactions were not created equal, and anyone looking to by a condo should probably do a little homework, first.

Taking a look at the multi-family residential real estate market

A lot of time is devoted in the media to the housing situation in Alberta. Most of the attention, however, seems to be focused on single-family homes, both new and resale. But thisn't the only option for singles, couples and families looking for residential real estate. The multi-family market is also worth having a look at.

Residential real estate construction keeping pace with 2016 level

The housing market in this country may have replaced the weather as the conversation subject of choice for many people. Soaring prices in some cities, and sagging inventory levels in others, have made the residential real estate market a constantly evolving topic. Recently released numbers give an idea of what the situation is here in Alberta.

Investing in commercial real estate means risk and maybe reward

The thing about money is that most people, no matter how much they have, don't think they have enough. That means they're looking for ways to make more. For many people in Alberta, the answer has been investing in property. Although flipping homes is a common method, commercial real estate can also sometimes provide a good return.

Converting commercial space to residential real estate in Calgary

Anyone who regularly reads this blog, or follows the local news, knows there is a substantial surplus of commercial real estate in much of Alberta. Although there are indicators that vacancy rates may gradually begin to decrease, there is still a lot of available room going to waste. Following the lead of other communities, one urban strategist has proposed re-purposing some of the empty buildings as residential real estate.

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