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January 2017 Archives

New residential real estate coming to Alberta

It's no secret that the economy of Alberta has been in a slump in recent years. There are many who believe that is about to change. In fact, one major property developer is so certain the turn around is coming, he plans to begin construction of two major new residential real estate projects in the province this year.

Interest in commercial real estate coming from south of the 49th

It is well documented that the Alberta economy has been suffering in recent years. One need look no further than the vast amounts of commercial real estate and office space available in Calgary for proof. Surprisingly, new tenants may be on their way from the United States.

Residential real estate agents need not disclose all house info

When people are looking to purchase new homes, they may have in mind a list of deal breakers. They may not want carpeting in the bathroom or electric heat, and homes with those features are eliminated from consideration. However, what some may not know about buying residential real estate in Alberta is that potential homes may have hidden flaws an agent is not required to reveal unless asked. These typically involve the house's history.

Historic commercial real estate property purchased by developer

When a building is so neglected it can scarcely be used, but cannot be torn down due to heritage designation, it can become a major problem. Such is the plight of many heritage buildings across the country. It seems, however, that one such property is about to be saved, as an historic piece of Alberta commercial real estate has been tentatively taken over by an Edmonton developer.

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