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Tiny homes an emerging trend in residential real estate

In a recent blog posting on this site, the plight of a would-be 'tiny home' owner in Alberta was discussed. The owner in question was accused of running afoul of residential real estate zoning bylaws in his community. Elsewhere in the province, however, tiny homes are on their way to becoming popular alternatives to traditional houses.

A company known as Battle Lake Design Group is currently building a small, but efficient home in the Westmount neighbourhood of Edmonton. The home consists of a two-car garage suite and a 520-square-foot dwelling, and is not dissimilar to a laneway house. Right now the design is unique, but tiny homes are gaining in popularity in other cities.

The builders made sure the home conformed to local zoning regulations, but were still able to pack it with desirable amenities. The house features high ceilings, a skylight and numerous windows, and a bedroom loft over the kitchen. Given the slumping economy in Alberta, and the high prices of many new homes, tiny homes may be an ideal way for first-time homebuyers to enter the market. People looking to downsize without having to move into a condo or apartment may also find a modest but efficient home like this one appealing.

Unique residential real estate properties sometimes present special challenges for builders and buyers. It is important to be sure a new or remodeled home conforms to codes and bylaws. A lawyer who thoroughly understands real estate law in Alberta may be able to help with zoning disputes, and can assist with the legalities associated with purchasing a home.

Source: Metro Edmonton, "Trendy 'tiny home' opens up new options for Edmonton's homebuyers", Kevin Maimann, Dec. 23, 2016

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