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December 2016 Archives

Tiny homes an emerging trend in residential real estate

In a recent blog posting on this site, the plight of a would-be 'tiny home' owner in Alberta was discussed. The owner in question was accused of running afoul of residential real estate zoning bylaws in his community. Elsewhere in the province, however, tiny homes are on their way to becoming popular alternatives to traditional houses.

Experts make residential real estate predictions for 2017

The only thing consistent about the Canadian real estate market recently has been its inconsistency. While prices soar in Toronto and Vancouver and experts waffle on whether or not there's a bubble about to burst, here in Alberta, it's a very different story. For anyone considering buying or selling residential real estate in 2017, it may be helpful to see what those in the know are calling for in the New Year.

Tiny home slips through cracks of residential real estate bylaws

The bylaws and regulations of Alberta are meant to be comprehensive, and take as many possibilities into account as possible. Despite that, there sometimes arise situations that don't seem to fit the existing structure. An emerging trend in residential real estate has recently brought one of those situations to light.

Out-of-province developers driving real estate transactions in AB

It takes a special kind of nerve to venture into an area from which many others have departed. That seems to be what is happening in Calgary of late, as B.C. builders and developers are betting on a full-scale recovery in the province's largest city. As a result, numerous major real estate transactions have taken place recently, leading to a spate of new development.

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