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October 2016 Archives

More than 1 individual may buy a piece of real estate

Often in the course of buying real estate, more than one individual may wish to purchase a property together. This certainly possible, but requires an understanding of how to legally share the title of the property. In Canada, there are two ways that this can be accomplished. More than one individual can purchase real estate, either through joint tenancy or as tenants-in-common.

How to end an easement

There numerous legal issues that may arise in the course of purchasing and owning a piece of property. Sometimes, if a certain real estate transfer is not subjected to sufficient scrutiny, you may wind up owning a piece of property that is still not completely your own because of an easement that is applied to the property. But just because an easement exists doesn't mean that it's there forever. You may be able to terminate the easement, making the deal that much sweeter, or keeping it from being a complete lemon.

Risk and reward in for-sale-by-owner home buying

There are a few different ways to go about buying a house, some more or less conventional than others. For a variety of reasons, some homeowners choose to sell their home by themselves, without going through traditional real-estate channels. If you have been intrigued by a home that is for-sale-by-owner, there's no need to write off this opportunity automatically. For-sale-by-owner homes can be a great deal if proper precautions are taken in the home buying process.

Important things to consider in a commercial lease

If you're considering signing commercial lease, it behooves you to scrutinize the lease agreement heavily to ensure that you are getting the best deal possible, as well as to identify any areas that may cause conflict later on in the agreement or end up costing you more out-of-pocket than you anticipate. Once a lease has been signed, it is very difficult to change any provisions that you may find problematic.

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