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One important decision when operating a business involves the premises from where you will conduct your business operations. Most businesses rent their premises from a landlord who will require the business owner to sign a lease agreement for the business premises. At Byron & Company in Fort McMurray, Timothy Byron will help you review the terms of the agreement to ensure that your interests are protected for the future.

Protecting Your Interests In Commercial Real Estate Transactions

Many businesses purchase property from which they conduct their business operations. These operations may involve an office property, an industrial site or a retail and mixed-use commercial centre. Timothy Byron has negotiated agreements and advised clients on a variety of aspects in their acquisition of commercial real estate and multi-phase projects, including land use, zoning by-laws, and environmental considerations on construction.

Still more businesses sell property as they wind down their business operations. The sale of the commercial real estate may be dictated by the terms of a shareholder agreement or the sale may flow through the acquisition of the business' share acquisition. Timothy Byron has drafted, reviewed, negotiated and advised clients on a variety of aspects in the sale of their business operations and commercial real estate.

Timothy Byron and Corinna Stevens have the experience and practical knowledge of business, corporate/commercial law, commercial real estate and contract law, its statutes and jurisprudence and will make their experience and knowledge work for you.

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