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In cases where adultery and physical and/or mental cruelty are not grounds for divorce, Federal law states that in order to make a claim for divorce, a married couple must live separately and apart for one year. It is possible for a couple to live separately in the same home for that time if they live separate lives, including sleeping separately, not having sexual relations with each other and not sharing any social or recreational activities.

A divorce action may be started by either spouse before the one-year period is complete, but the divorce judgment will only be granted after the one-year separation is met. Federal law stipulates that one of three grounds for divorce be met: cruelty, adultery or the breakdown of a marriage resulting in a one-year separation.

In order to get divorced in Alberta, one spouse must have lived in Alberta for a minimum of one year before the divorce action is initiated.

Because Canada is a no-fault jurisdiction, there is usually no advantage to citing cruelty or adultery as a grounds for divorce. It is unlikely to play a role in custody or support orders. Doing so may only increase the conflict and cost of completing your divorce. Having said that, there may be rare circumstances where a partner's physical or emotional cruelty was so egregious that such behaviour has an effect on another's earning capability. In such rare cases, such behaviour may result in support. It is a smart idea to work with an experienced lawyer who has a thorough knowledge of the family law statutes and jurisprudence. Our lawyers, Mila Byron and Corinna Stevens, have the experience and practical knowledge and will make our experience and knowledge work for you.

Many couples work with lawyers to develop agreements regarding parenting time, child support, spousal support and other matters during the one-year waiting period and lawyers Mila Byron and Corinna Stevens of Fort McMurray have the experience and practical knowledge and will make their experience and knowledge work for you to give you the advice you need.

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