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Franchise and Commercial Law

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Franchise agreements tend to advantage the Franchisor. We can help you negotiate and, if necessary, litigate with head office to ensure that your contractual rights and obligations are fair, and reasonably handled by the Franchisor.

Commercial lease agreements require careful consideration and legal guidance. We offer the contractual law advice you need during negotiations, and after the deal is struck so that disputes with your commercial landlord are not one-sided.

Commercial financing solutions are not limited to dealing with banks and credit unions. You may need advice in negotiating private financing as a Vendor or a Purchase, and we can help. When the deal breaks down, we can assist you in getting your Court Judgment, in collection enforcement, or in negotiating a reasonable settlement.

Corporate and partnership relations may fail, in which case you need to know all of your rights and obligations to minimize your liability. Ask us about shareholder remedies, directorial liability, partnerships, and joint ventures.

Business purchase and sale agreements are complex and require extensive due diligence review. Our specialized search services ensure that you know what you need to. Our experience in preparing and negotiating your business sale or purchase will ensure that you are covered.

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