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Residential real estate rebuilds ahead of schedule in the Fort

The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation Inc. (CMHC) has said the once fire-ravaged Fort McMurray is rebuilding quicker than experts anticipated. Fort McMurray, in Alberta's north, had about 2,500 homes destroyed by a massive wildfire last year and is in the midst of rebuilding its residential real estate sector. A recent CMHC report indicated rebuilding has begun on 844 homes razed by the fire in May 2016.

Residential real estate on the upswing in Alberta

Canada's real estate market continues on a strong front, posting gains in the second quarter of this year. Alberta seems to be leading the pack in terms of residential real estate sales. The statistics, provided by a major real estate brokerage firm, point to a continuation of the same in the second half of this year with Alberta sales definitely on the rebound from an economic downturn.

Residential real estate sales help Alberta town after flood

After a flood that devastated the High River area of Alberta four years ago, the scenic locale of 13,000 residents is finally on the rebound. Floods impacted many southern Alberta communities, but those in 2013 threatened the very existence of High River. In fact, three residents died and the residential real estate market suffered immeasurably, with many homes being so devastated that they had to be torn down.

Surplus residential real estate creating a buyer's market

In the film 'Field of Dreams,' the main character hears someone speak the (oft-misquoted) words, "If you build it, he will come." That must be on what Edmonton residential real estate developers are banking. The latest statistics show an emerging surplus of new housing in Alberta's capital, turning the local market into a potentially appealing one for buyers.

A creative solution to the residential real estate shortage

Although the major housing markets in Alberta have not inflated to the levels seen in other big urban centres across Canada, affordable living space can be tough to find in this province. To combat this problem, many homeowners have turned to a creative type of infill housing to create affordable residential real estate. In many cases, they are also able to help a family member in need.

A new concept in residential real estate rises in Alberta

For some homebuilders, maximizing profits sometimes means cutting corners during construction. One Alberta developer, however, has found a way to cut costs by using less expensive building material than traditional builders use. This remarkable new multi-family residential real estate project is far from being cheap and flimsy, however. In fact, it's about as solid as it can be.

Calgarians find residential real estate solution for aging mother

As people continue to live longer lives, many aging parents are looking to their children to help them remain independent. A full-size home can be a challenge for an older person to maintain, and care facilities can be expensive, or undesirable. While in-law suites have long been popular renovation projects in homes across Canada, some Alberta families are opting for a new twist on residential real estate.

New residential real estate may be a preferred option for some

The amount of buying and selling of properties in Canada recently has made the country seem as if it's embroiled in a never ending game of Monopoly. Even in Alberta, where the market hasn't kept pace with the hotspots in other regions, home buyers are making a splash. While resale homes are perennial favourites, some buyers may prefer newly built residential real estate. Fortunately, there looks to be no shortage of that, at least in Calgary.

Recovery showing in Fort Mac residential real estate this spring

Spring is a time for rebirth and renewal in Alberta. The snow and ice gradually begin to recede, and soon the leaves and flowers will return. The spring of 2017 is shaping up to be a time of new growth in the residential real estate sector, as well, according to one local group.

Tiny homes get a big boost through residential real estate zoning

Not every home is ideally suited to every homeowner's needs. For that reason, homes come in many shapes and sizes. Overall, the industry trend has generally been toward larger homes. In one Alberta neighbourhood, however, the exact opposite is set to occur following a zoning approval for a new kind of residential real estate.

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